User Interface Overview

UI Overview

1 Sign in to Ritt Cloud (available from v1.1).
2 Click on the arrows to go backward or forward.
3 Click to refresh (shortcut: F5 key).
4 Click on the Home button to view all Source folders and task collections.
5 Click to Add Source (see Sources section).
6 Click to Add Tag (see Tags section).
7 Toggle between intersection mode and union mode.
8 Use the Search bar to search for folders, files, tags, or tasks (see Search section).
9 Sort items in the main pane by different properties.
10 Group items automatically in the main pane, by location, by tags, or ungroup them.
11 Toggle between grid or list view.
12 Open graph visualization.
13 Show or hide Details pane (hidden by default).
15 Show history of recent changes as well as backups.
16 Set your preferences via Settings.