Release Notes

V1.4.2 (Jun 2024)

Bug Fixes

  • Ritt fails to find the database file if it did not exit properly after the first launch.

V1.4.1 (Jun 2024)

New Features

  • File properties (e.g. Image dimensions, Media length) can be displayed and used to sort files in the List view
  • Option to display file properties as overlays in Grid view for selected file types
  • Option to choose visibility and order of Blocks (Tag, Preview, etc) in the Details Pane
  • Copy tags from a file and paste them onto other files
  • Number of tagged items of a tag displayed in Tag Pane
  • New Scripting APIs to get and set tag alias


  • Potential tags are selected based on tags of other files in the same folder
  • Inherited tags are subtly displayed as text rather than buttons
  • Image preview now supports pinch to zoom using the trackpad
  • Improved handling of slow disk operations e.g. a busy network drive
  • Improved video scrubbing: black bands removed and playback progress is shown
  • Dark mode colors are finetuned

Bug Fixes

  • Ritt window blocks auto-hide taskbar when maximized

V1.4.0 (Apr 2024)

New Features

  • Related tags are shown in tagging pane. Click on any to tag
  • Independent tagging pane shows up when Details pane is closed. Shortcut: T
  • Filter by tag exclusion. On any related tag, right click -> Exclude, or Middle-click. Click on activated tags to toggle polarity
  • Hide certain tags with new tag attribute, Hidden, to reduce visual clutter
  • Badge tag attribute now has the option to include tag name in Badge
  • Multiselect Mode for Tag Pane, to select multiple tags without performing tag intersection
  • Tag alias. Include additional keywords which are used in tag search and Auto Tag
  • Hover over a video file to quickly scrub through
  • Redesigned tag icon picker, including emoji search and support for country flags
  • Customizable file properties to display in Details pane
  • Shift + Delete to permanently delete


  • UI refresh
  • Reduced item rendering time
  • Improved tag search
  • Simplified tag attribute assignment
  • Refined Grouping by Tags to avoid generating too many groups. New option in Settings -> Tags: Tag Combo Capacity

Bug Fixes

  • Cannot copy tasks by keyboard shortcuts or drag and drop
  • Double-clicking a .url file launches the website twice
  • Sometimes, the missing file button does not show up

V1.3.1 (Mar 2024)

New Features

  • Columns in List view displaying file properties (e.g. size, modified), tags, linked items and notes
  • Change the size of thumbnails in List view with Ctrl + scroll
  • Option to minimize to the system tray on closing Ritt (Settings -> Advanced -> Run in the background)
  • Option to run on Windows startup (Settings -> Advanced -> Run on Windows startup)
  • Tag tree separators. These can be used to visually segment a long list of tags
  • Option to sort tags by name (right click on any tag or tag tree background)
  • Option to search using Windows Search Index, which could improve search performance (Settings -> Advanced -> Search with Windows Search Index)
  • Automatically reduce the size of tags in Details Pane when there are a large number of tags
  • Order of tags in Details Pane follows the order of appearance in the tag tree
  • Renamed “Dashboard” tag attribute to “Encapsulate” to better describe the meaning of that tag attribute i.e. it encapsulates items tagged to children tags

Bug Fixes

  • Sometimes signing in to Ritt Cloud from the app fails
  • Ritt fails to capture all file changes when a large number of files are moved at the same time
  • Could not drag and drop tags onto Details Pane

V1.3 (Jan 2024)

New Features

  • Auto Tag with AI Automatically applies the most relevant among potential tags to selected image files.
  • Scripting support Automate repetitive task with scripting.
  • Navigation history. Right click on back/forward buttons to view
  • Drag and drop tags onto Searchbar to build query
  • New shortcut: Double click on a tag to navigate to the first integrated folder under it
  • Option to pause sync to Ritt Cloud

Bug Fixes

  • Ritt fails to launch if database is deleted
  • Shortcut for pasting (Ctrl+V) does not work on empty folder
  • Removing a tag icon causes an empty slot to appear in favourites, which cannot be deleted

V1.2.2 (Oct 2023)

  • Aggregating and displaying tags relevant to items in view by searching to a certain, customizeable depth (default = 2 i.e. items in view and subfolder items)
  • Many new shortcut added, including one for tag entry (‘T’). Now able to quickly tag items using only the keyboard. (suggested by u/AskingQuestionns)
  • Previous search entries can be pinned to the searchbar for quick access
  • Filter by tags after performing search

V1.2.1 (Sep 2023)

  • Interactive preview of 3D models (suggested by zendor)
  • Preview of markdown files, including support for syntax highlighting and math
  • Improved preview of pdfs, svg, images (zoom and pan support)
  • Alternative method of tagging: drag files/folders and drop them onto a tag (suggested by UnderPL)
  • Ability to quickly add new tags by mouseover buttons and context menu options (suggested by UnderPL)
  • Improved search experience with demarcated search tokens

V1.2 (Jul 2023)

  • New Details pane. Shows item metadata, preview, tags, and linked items. Allows file-to-file and file-to-task linking.
  • More convenient tagging in Details pane. You can create new tags when tagging items.
  • Notes for files/folders. Displayed and edited in the Details pane.
  • New network graph visualization of all tags and tagged items.
  • Auto backup of local database. You can easily restore to a previous database version.
  • Added option to export tags to sidecar files for archival purposes.
  • Introduction of Ritt Pro and Lite tiers. All current users of Ritt Cloud are automatically promoted to the Pro tier for free (for a limited time).

V1.1 (May 2023)

  • The launch of our dedicated cloud service: Ritt Cloud. Ritt Cloud lets you sync your tags and tasks across multiple devices with ease.
  • Search filters such as ‘task’ and ‘tagged’ now recursively search within folders. For example, searching for ‘task’ from Home will return all tasks in your database.
  • Organize Settings by category and merged several small menu items such as Help and About into Settings.
  • Modernized in-app notification UI.

V1.0 (Mar 2023)

  • Advanced search that supports combining tags with logical operations (AND, OR, NOT) and filters (e.g. size>5mb or modified<3days)
  • Related tags displayed next to currently active tags
  • Group by tag combinations (instead of just individual tags)
  • Can assign hotkeys (0-9) to up to 10 tags for quick tagging

V0.9 (Feb 2023)

  • Track the history of changes to tags and tasks to allow reverting to an earlier state.
  • Display context menu item from Explorer in Ritt. This lets you use your favorite tools such as 7zip directly from Ritt.
  • Recognize Windows shortcut files (.lnk and .url).
  • Migration from text-based format to SQLite database for better scalability. Backward compatible with the old format.
  • Direct download and install option (.msi) with auto-update. See our website for more details.
  • Several critical bug fixes.

V0.8 (Jan 2023)

  • Migrate from UWP to Windows App SDK 1.2. Able to launch any file now (e.g. .py, .xaml).
  • Integrate folder tree and tag tree in the left panel. Drag to insert and expand any folder.
  • Can link files or folders with another folder by dragging from Explorer and dropping on Ritt while holding the ALT key. Similar to shortcuts, but with backlinks.
  • Simplify the first launch experience. Ritt launches with a default database and all changes are automatically saved.
  • Improve the performance of viewing large folders and moving/coping files. Uses system UI to display progress.
  • Improve the reliability of tracking file movements, renames, and deletions in Explorer.
  • Integrate out-of-the-box with QuickLook for previewing files.
  • Refresh the general UI.

V0.7 (Oct 2022)

  • Privacy: Ritt operates completely offline.
  • Related tags flyout
  • New tag attributes: Mirror, Dashboard. Enable new use cases for Ritt
  • Incremental refresh when adding or deleting an item
  • Bug fixed: Reduced performance after long use, among others


  • Task management
  • Relevant tags suggestion
  • Active tags bar
  • Display badge next to tagged items


  • Improved search experience
  • Navigate to tag and do tagging directly from the search prompt
  • Improved Previewer
  • Added sort function
  • Added autosave and home button


  • Greatly simplified UI
  • The left panel of Sources is removed to reduce visual clutter and transfer focus to the tag trees
  • Drag and drop files/folders onto the tag tree to create tags
  • Option to show contents of tagged folders, when browsing by tags
  • Option to disable file/folder thumbnails to improve performance
  • Bug fixes, including a memory leak issue