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Release Notes


  • Privacy: Ritt operates completely offline.
  • Related tags flyout
  • New tag attributes: Mirror, Dashboard. Enable new use cases for Ritt
  • Incremental refresh when adding or deleting an item
  • Bug fixed: Reduced performance after long use, among others


  • Task management
  • Relevant tags suggestion
  • Active tags bar
  • Display badge next to tagged items


  • Improved search experience
  • Navigate to tag and do tagging directly from the search prompt
  • Improved Previewer
  • Added sort function
  • Added autosave and home button


  • Greatly simplified UI
  • The left panel of Sources is removed to reduce visual clutter and transfer focus to the tag trees
  • Drag and drop files/folders onto the tag tree to create tags
  • Option to show contents of tagged folders, when browsing by tags
  • Option to disable file/folder thumbnails to improve performance
  • Bug fixes, including a memory leak issue