Integrating folders and tags

Ritt offers a unique feature that allows you to integrate your folders and tags in your file organization structure.

  • Drag and drop a folder to a desired position in the tag tree on the left pane. This will create an integrated folder. It behaves just like a folder, so you can navigate to subfolders and files easily using the left pane. On top of that, it also behaves like a tag! This means that you can tag items to the folder or its subfolders.
  • You can also drag a folder to the left pane directly from the Address bar.

(Note: Renaming the integrated folder will also rename the original folder name. Removing the integrated folder from the tag pane (right-click → Remove) will not affect the original folder.)

  • Watch the video below for a one-minute demo on how you can make use of the integrated folder feature to help you access your files much more easily, specifically those files that you often use together but reside in different locations.