Tagging files, folders, or tasks

  • Navigate to and select the file(s), folder(s) or task(s) that you wish to tag.
  • Tag the item by clicking on the empty circle next to the tag. This creates a direct tag.

When you tag a folder, all items within that folder become indirectly tagged to that tag. In the example below, the “Inspirations” folder is tagged to the Inspirations tag on the left pane. The image “01.jpg” is an item inside the “Inspirations” folder, and hence it is indirectly tagged to Inspirations. It is also directly tagged to Bedroom

Direct and indirect tags

Tagging items from the Details Pane

The Details Pane offers an alternative, possibly faster way to tag your items.

  • Click on an item (or multiple items).
  • Show the Details pane by clicking on the Show/Hide Details paneDetails Panebutton on the top banner.
  • In the Details pane, you will see section called Tags.
  • Add new tags by typing directly into the “Add a new tag” box. This searches all existing tags. Hit Tab to select the first tag on the list, or use arrow keys to select the tag you are looking for.
  • You can also use this section to add a new tag that does not currently exist. The new tag will be added to the bottom of the tag tree.
  • Watch the video below for a demo.