Settings - Ritt Cloud and Database

The following settings are available under Ritt Cloud and Database.

Check for and install updates automatically

Turned on by default. App-managed updates are for direct download instances only. If the app has been obtained from the Microsoft Store, the Store will manage the updates.

Connect to Ritt Cloud

Sign in or sign out of Ritt Cloud

Allow sync with Ritt Cloud

Sync changes to your local database (tags and tasks only, not files) across multiple devices. To enable this feature, you will need to sign in to your Ritt Cloud account and turn on Ritt Database AutoSave.

Ritt Database

Turn on or turn off AutoSave.

All information about tags, tasks and links are stored in the Ritt Database File. The file’s current location can be found under Settings > Ritt Cloud or Settings > Database. There are also options to export the Ritt Database File to JSON format, DOT graph format, or sidecar files.