Search filters

Using the search bar, it is possible to filter search results by properties such as size, date, file type, and number of tags.

  • Use the AND and NOT operators to add filters to your existing search line.

Example searches:

Tag1 and size>5mb not task

“*.txt” and (size<30kb or created<5hrs)

modified>2weeks and untagged (this search will be based on the current context)

Note: Ensure that there are no spaces when using these filters (e.g., type “size<5mb” instead of “size < 5 mb”).

Supported search filter Description Example(s)
size Filter based on file size

Supported units: b, kb, mb, gb, tb, pb, eb
If a range is used (with a dash “-“), both the lower and upper bounds are included.
- size<5mb
- size>=10gb
- size:10kb-1mb
- size:1-10mb
Filter based on how long ago item was created, modified, or accessed

Supported units: s, min(s), hr(s), day(s), week(s), month(s), year(s)
Range includes both lower and upper bounds
- modified>5days
- modified<1year
- created:1week-2months
- created:3min-10h
- accessed:10-100s
tags Filter based on number of tags

Range includes both lower and upper bounds
- tags<=2
- tags=5
- tags:3-7
- tags>10 and Tag1
tagged Filter that returns items with one or more tags  
untagged Filter that returns items without any tags  
file Filter that returns files only  
folder Filter that returns folders only  
task Filter that returns tasks only  
complete Filter that returns completed tasks only  
incomplete Filter that returns incomplete tasks only