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Get Started

Table of contents
  1. Compatibility and Download
  2. Create a new Ritt database
  3. Add Source(s) to organize
  4. Navigation
  5. Add Tags
  6. Tagging files/folders
  7. Creating nested tags
  8. Activating a tag
  9. Activating multiple tags
  10. Turning folders into tags (creating mirror tags)

Compatibility and Download

Create a new Ritt database

  • Click on the New button in the top banner.
    New Button

Add Source(s) to organize

  • Click on the Add Source Add Source Button button.
  • Select Local folder in the menu.

    Add Source

  • Select a folder which you wish to organize better with Ritt.

  • Navigation in Ritt is similar to that in File Explorer.
  • Double click on a folder to navigate inside, double click on a file to open it.
  • Click on any folder in the Address bar for quick navigation. The scroll wheel on your mouse can be used to scroll horizontally.


Add Tags

  • Click on the Add Tag Add Tag Button button to add a new tag.
  • Enter a suitable name for the new tag.

    Add Tag

  • After the first tag has been created, you can also add new tags by dragging and dropping the Add Tag button to a desired position in the list of existing tags.

Tagging files/folders

  • Navigate to and select the files or folders that you wish to tag.
  • Tag the item by clicking on the empty circle next to the tag.

    Tag File

Creating nested tags

  • When you create many tags, you may want to organize the tags hierarchically.
  • Drag and drop children tags into parent tags.

Activating a tag

  • In the tag tree (left panel), navigate to and click on a desired tag to activate it.
  • Tagged items will be displayed in the right panel.
  • You can also view Related Tags (if any) through a dropdown menu next to the Search bar.

    Activated tag

Activating multiple tags

  • Click on another tag under Related Tags to activate it. You will now see items that are tagged to both tags.
  • Alternatively, in the tag tree on the left pane, Ctrl + click (or middle mouse button click) on another tag to activate it.

    Activated multiple tags

Turning folders into tags (creating mirror tags)

  • In Ritt, you can turn existing folders into tags by dragging and dropping a folder into the tag pane. This will create a mirror tag with the same name as the folder. This mirror tag now functions both as a folder and as a tag!

Find out more about mirror tags here!